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What did other media said about Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017?

Representatives from COC, COC Amsterdam, Police, Amsterdam Pride as well as Iranian and in international Human Rights activists participated in the event. read more

مراسم اختتامیه ایران‌پراید ۲۰۱۷ IranPride 2017 Closing Ceremony
مراسم اختتامیه‌ رسمی ایران‌پراید ۲۰۱۷ برگزار شد
Radio Zamaneh

JoopeA held IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony to close this chapter of IranPride and open the space for their participation for Pride Parade in 2018 read more

IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony
Summary of IranPride 2017 Closing Ceremony

Iran Boat has not finished the track with too much pain and sorrow

Sad feelings after Iran Boat stranded
Sorrow of Iran Boat: ‘Skipper has left the boat!’

Iranians took such a brave step forward in fight for LGBTIQ Rights and participated in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade on Iran Boat for the very first time

Iran Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade

We had to be the premium!

Sorrow of Iran Boat participants
Sorrow after the Iran Boat has stranded
Het Parool

The boat of the Iranian LGBTI group at Amsterdam’s pride for the first time (Italian)

Al pride di Amsterdam, per la prima volta, la barca del gruppo Iran LGBTI
Gay Post Italy

Iranian LGBTs Celebrate Pride in Amsterdam for the First Time! (TR)

İranlı LGBT’ler Amsterdam’da İlk Defa Pride Kutladı!

Iran Boat sails for the first time in Amsterdam Canal Pride against death penalty in Iran

Restating the president of Iran, Canal Parade in Amsterdam

A burgeoning group of Iranian LGBTI people are not waiting for the perfect day, they are taking a stand now

After Holding Pride in Secret for Years, Iran LGBTIs Will March Proudly for the First Time
We The People

We, as an Iranian queer community out of Iran are going to come out of closet and prove that we are not ashamed of ourselves and we are proud of who we are

IranPride Day 2010
Marching at Pride
Gay Star News

JoopeA Foundation in the Netherlands who works on LGBTIQ Rights in Iran and Middle East is going to participate in Amsterdam Pride by name of “Queer of Iran”.

This is My Pride & JoopeA Foundation

In the Netherlands, the JoopeA Foundation, which seeks recognition of LGBTI rights in Iran and the Middle East, has been preparing for an Iranian role in Pride Amsterdam.

Iran’s LGBTQ community will celebrate at home, abroad

In Amsterdam, Iranians will have its first boat in the Canal Pride parade.

Iran LGBTIs will march proudly for the first time

We would have Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade

Queer of Persia - Iran Boat in Amsterdam Pride Parade
Join us on Iran Boat

Iran Boat will stand against hanging of LGBTs in Iran

For the first time Iran Boat will join!

For the first time Iran Boat will join

Iranian boat against execution

Participants of this year AGP has very strong matters to show


“Against Suicide”, “Iran” and “Refugees” are featured boats of this year.

Attention to suicide during this year’s pride

Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 Kick-off Ceremony

Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 Kick-off
Kick-off After Movie

Iran to be Represented at World Famous Amsterdam Pride for the First Time

Loose the Noose!