TermsTerms & Regulations in JoopeA
In order to have a great time together on IranPride Boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade and all of us enjoy, we’ve created a list of Terms of Participation & couple of regulations that are listed below. Please review and save them somewhere that you can access easy for review.


General Terms

Each and every participant should:

  • join the campaign with good heart. Participants who try to disturb or interfere with the regulations will be asked to leave.
  • be respectful to everyone and follow the JoopeA’s Code of Conduct.

The participants who fail to follow the rules will be asked to leave. We will not tolerate any disturbance and aggressive people will be hand over to the police.


Dress Code

All participants should follow the dress code as listed below:

  • All parts of your clothes should be white including t-shirt, top, shorts, pants, hat, any hand bag or purse, socks, etc. We encourage to wear white shoes too but it’s not mandatory.
  • The reason behind the Pride Parade is to be proud of ourselves. Therefore masks (or makeups that fully covers the face) are not allowed.
  • Be sexy! Come topless & in sexy shorts or in anyway that you feel sexy. Just, be aware that full nudity (visibility of genitals) is prohibited by Amsterdam Municipality law.
  • Be chik & stylish. Use your creativity to represent IranPride in the most stylish way that you can.

Our angry bouncers won’t let the participants who didn’t follow the dress code on the boat. These participants won’t be able to receive their money back either.


Personal Belongings

  • Bring an ID or a photo document that can confirm your official name*.
  • It might be a sunny day. Wear your sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Do not bring anything with you that you wouldn’t need during the trip. Personal belongings larger than a hand bag/purse are not allowed.
  • Sharp objects, flammable or dangerous objects are prohibited.
  • Drinks and snacks will be provided on the boat for free. Bringing drinks on the boat is not allowed.
  • Bringing drugs are strongly prohibited.

Please note that the start and end point of the boat might be different. You might not be able to leave your personal stuff at start point.

JoopeA has no responsibility about your personal belongings.


Snacks & Drinks

It would be a long trip. Please eat a complete breakfast on the Canal Pride day before you come to the boat.

  • You can enjoy free snacks and drinks as soon as the boat starts. There are plenty of drinks (wine, beer, juices, water, etc.) and snacks (vegi and not vegi) on the boat.
  • Participants won’t be allowed to bring drinks on the boat.
  • Strong alcohols (above 15%) are prohibited.


* The ID is required to confirm identity of participants and their registration. We don’t check your resident permit. We don’t share your information with third-parties neither.

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