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Crowd funding updates

Total raised: €4,760
Total needed: €9,000
Total fund raising progress: 52.9%


This is total amount from crowed funding page and alternative methods such as PayPal in different currencies.
Weekly update – Last update: July 7, 2017

Why we raise money?

Preparations for Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade are difficult and costly, more so than other pride parades around the world. Registration take place in January, while the parade is in the first weekend of August. There is massive competition with many registrants and only 80 boats getting approval. Approved boats pay substantial registration fees. We were lucky to get approved for the parade out of 140 requests this year! We are a non-profit with insufficient budget for this kind of activity. We decided to move forward regardless, because supporting our rights and visibility is far more important! We can’t cover all the costs but we count on you to help us make history.

Click here if you’d like to read more about why we are going to be part of Amsterdam Pride Parade.

What are the costs?

Total costs to rent a sufficient boat (more than €5,000 for Pride day), prepare and build designs (banners, decorations, clothes, etc. costs more than €4,500), provide food and beverages, registration fees and of course to have DJ and music add up to about €17,000. We have already covered part of the costs through our network of friends and sponsors. But the remaining €9,000 is waiting for your participation and support!

Total amount raised through crowd funding: €4,760 out of €9,000
52.9% of needed amount has been collected!
Weekly update – Last update: July 7, 2017

What if we get more?

We are dedicated to expand LGBTI Rights. We will fully spend excess amounts to highlight LGBTI topics for Iranians and to advocate for social justice: we would spend it to promote LGBTI Rights in Persian through JNews & Homophilia Campaign.

What if we don't raise enough fund?

Every step that is taken toward LGBTI Rights for Iran is essential. Thousands of LGBTI in Iran are following this campaign closely and are waiting to see their existence is being shouted on the boat while the world is watching. We cannot fail in fight for our rights!

We are hoping that international community would support this campaign to push LGBTI visibility for Iran.

There would be no “Cancellation” in case the total expenses of the campaign doesn’t come in. We would continue with minimum requirements, even if it means no banners, less participants on the boat, tiny boat, etc. Failing in raising fund and downsizing boat and participants will terribly decrease outcomes of the campaign. But this campaign is far more important to be canceled. We would spend every cents of collected amount to sail among other boats in the parade even if we have to swim!

Make history with the Iranian LGBTI movement now

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Send Bitcoin donations to 1PU6b4or3wqVhsvKPLCwqw16gE3vRYiwcP

Here is our bank information if you would prefer to donate via wire transfer:

Stichting JoopeA
IBAN: NL90 INGB 0006 6858 71
Account number: 0006 6858 71
Bank: ING Nederland


Stichting JoopeA
Post box: 22339
1100 CH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Would you like to know more?

Send an email to [email protected] or a text message to +31685104509. Please also visit and share the Iran Pride website:

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    • سلام سالار عزیز،
      با به اشتراک‌گذاشتن این صفحه و درخواست همیاری از دوستان‌تون که در خارج از ایران زندگی می‌کنند، می‌تونید به این کمپین کمک کنید.
      جای تردید نیست که حمایت آشکار از حقوق اقلیت‌های جنسی بزرگترین کمک است.
      غیر از این‌ها شما می‌تونید در ویدیوکمپین «این افتخار من است» شرکت کنید. یک ویدیوی کوتاه با گوشی موبایل از خودتون یا شهر محل زندگی‌تون ضبط کنید در حالیکه از اهمیت همبستگی برای حقوق بشر صحبت می‌کنید و در پایان جمله This is my pride رو می‌گید. این ویدیو رو به نشانی [email protected] ایمیل کنید یا در فیسبوک یا توییتر با هشتگ #iraanseboot #thisismypride به اشتراک‌بگذارید.
      پیشاپیش از حمایت شما سپاسگزار.

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