For Iranian queers, queers and individuals

Are you an Iranian? Do you like to show the world that you are who you are, and you are proud of yourself?

This is a good chance to join Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 on Iran Boat to show “This is my pride!”.


Registration is needed to organize all the participants. JoopeA wants to be inclusive and give this chance to all people who would like to join. However boat’s space is limited and need to be separated equal between every groups.

Our priorities for selection:

  • Iranian gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, intersexuals, etc. (LGBTIQ) living in the Netherlands and Europe
  • Iranians living in the Netherlands

You are not part of priorities mentioned above? Don’t worry. Register anyway. You might have a chance.

This registration is completely free. There might be some fees applied, but it would be communicated before July 1st, 2017!

Security and safety

JoopeA Foundation together with Pink in Blue Police (Police department for LGBTI in the Netherlands) will make sure that each and every participant of the boat is trusted and secure from threats. We make sure that all needed security and safety information will be given to all participants.

Participants are allowed to cover their face with a mask to hide their identity during parade. However, those who wants to have a mask on, will have fewer chance to be selected.


Clothes, dresses, make up, masks, etc. will be provided by JoopeA. There would be no costs for any of these for participants. Participants can keep their clothes after the parade for free.

Design of boat and participants has been fixed already. Participants agree to and should follow the dress-code.

Travel costs and accommodations

Unfortunately, JoopeA can not offer any assistance for accommodations and travel costs.

Please kindly note, all other things such as clothes, drinks, foods, etc. will be presented for free.

Events and gifts

JoopeA is welcoming Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 with several event’s in May, June and July. All registered users will be invited to these events can join for free.

Sponsors of JoopeA offers different sort of gifts to participants. Are you interested to know more about the gifts? Register today.

Please register to join us in this unique experience.

No. of Registrants


* Please kindly note, donations has no effect on selection.

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