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Are you interested in sponsorship for Iran Boat as an organization or business to support LGBTI Rights? Do you like to be sponsor of Persian-speaking community in the Netherlands?

First “Iran boat” in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 which is the first independent participation of Iran in any European Pride Parade, is a unique opportunity to show your support for Human Rights and promote your organization or business.



Additional to supporting Human Rights by supporting Persian-speaking community to move forward for equality, Iranians as individuals, civil society organizations and groups, underground activism or organizations in exile, has been separated entities for such a long time. Each and every group is trying their best to defend Human Rights. But there would be no outcomes from separations. Supporting LGBTI Rights for Iran which needs small amount of financial support, is a unique opportunity for Iranian entities around the world to show that we are standing with each other for Human Rights.

Iran Boat is the 17th boat among other 80 boats. This means almost everybody in the pride parade route would see the boat. This event has attracted many media attention in the Netherlands and abroad. Media has been called “Iran Boat” the remark of this year’s pride parade. Review all media production on the topic here. This means more popularity for our sponsors as well.

All sponsors would be mentioned on our website as sponsors, on all our flyers, banners and newsletters.


Targeting Population in Iran

In case you want to target population living in Iran, Zamaneh Media offers one week free advertising on for sponsors. Zamaneh Media is professional media organization for Iran. Additionally it is experience in targeting population in Iran with more than 200K visits per month. Please visit Zamaneh Media Sales for more details or contact [email protected].

All non-profit organizations who would support Iran Boat with donations above €500 ($570), and all businesses and companies who would donate above €1,000 ($1,150) would be refer to Zamaneh Media Sales for one week free advertisement in primary ad unit (eqv. €1,450). Please kindly note, ad campaign would be schedule to run upon availability of this ad unit. For more information please contact [email protected]

This offer stands up to May 31, 2017 and no longer.


Targeting People in the Netherlands and Europe

If you are a business owner or an organization who would like to support LGBTI Rights as well as target population in the Netherlands or Europe, there are variety of options for you to become our sponsor:

Donate your services

JoopeA who is responsible for managing participants of the boat is in need of many services to increase the quality of the event. If you are owner of club, hotel, models agency and fashion, dance school, design studio, photographer or advertisement company, please contact [email protected] or send a message to +31 68 5104509 with brief information about your services that you would like to offer. We will contact you within 24hours.

We would like to ask designers to join us to create most attractive clothing for the participants. Club owners, restaurants, catherings are more than welcome to support the event by providing space or food and drink for participants. Photographers and advertisement companies can help us to reach more audience by donating their services. Hotels could become our sponsor by providing accommodation for our VIP guests during the pride parade.

Please contact us if you think your service can help the event to grow bigger: [email protected]

Covering costs

All companies and business owners who would like to be listed among Iran Boat’s sponsors on this website as well as all banners and flyers of the event, are welcome to donate any amount above €350 ($400).

All Human Rights organizations and non-profits are welcome to join our sponsors’ list by donating any amount above €150 ($200).

We collect information of sponsors who participate in donation campaign from donation link and contact you within 24hours. Please send us your logo and payment approval to [email protected], if you have used alternative method of payment.

Please kindly note, we are not allowed to accept any sponsorship from governments based on regulations for Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade. But members of governments are very welcome to support the event through donations as individual.

Feel free to use any of these alternative methods to pay sponsorship fees in case you have problem with standard link:

PayPal: EUR(€), USD($), CAD($), GBP(£)

Bitcoin address: 1PU6b4or3wqVhsvKPLCwqw16gE3vRYiwcP


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Amsterdam Pride Foundation
Iran Academia
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Atelier de Ontdekking
Club Church
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In Media

Representatives from COC, COC Amsterdam, Police, Amsterdam Pride as well as Iranian and in international Human Rights activists participated in the event. read more

مراسم اختتامیه ایران‌پراید ۲۰۱۷ IranPride 2017 Closing Ceremony
مراسم اختتامیه‌ رسمی ایران‌پراید ۲۰۱۷ برگزار شد
Radio Zamaneh

JoopeA held IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony to close this chapter of IranPride and open the space for their participation for Pride Parade in 2018 read more

IranPride 2017 Closing ceremony
Summary of IranPride 2017 Closing Ceremony

Iran Boat has not finished the track with too much pain and sorrow

Sad feelings after Iran Boat stranded
Sorrow of Iran Boat: ‘Skipper has left the boat!’
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