Iranian government has long history of violating LGBTI Rights. We (Iranian LGBTIs) have been imprisoned, tortured and in many cases executed. Yet, social acceptance of LGBTI are very low in Iran in compare with other target groups of Iranian government.

While the situation is different in the Netherlands, Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 invites us to show “This is my pride!”. We (Iranian LGBTI community in the Netherlands) are going to come out of closet and prove that we are not ashamed of ourselves, we are strong and “This is our lives!”



Participation to Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade needs long planing.
Registration for participants take place each year in January and preparation keeps you busy all the way to August.

Zamaneh Media is organising this event together with JoopeA Foundation.

Zamaneh Media

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For organizations and companies

Are you interested in participate in Iran Boat as an organization or business? Do you like to support LGBTI Rights?

Iran boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade 2017 is a unique opportunity to show your support and promote your organization.

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Come on the boat

Registration is open to Persian-Speaking individuals now

Are you an Iranian? Do you like to show the world that you are who you are, and you are proud of yourself?

This is a good chance to join Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade on Iran Boat.

  • Registration is free, parade on the boat is free, joining all the events and parties for Iran Boat is free.
  • There is limited amount of space on the boat. We will try our best to be inclusive. Register today to not to left behind.
  • Limited amount of travel cost are available for participants.
  • Last but not least, there are gifts for people who join us!


What Does Media Say?

Iran boat has already attracted many media attention as remark of this year’s Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade.

Here are some links to media publications:


Any questions?

If you need to know more, or just want to drop us a line, please use the contact form, or email it to [email protected]

Like social media more? Tweet what you have in mind with #IranLGBT .

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How it works

Planning for a boat in Amsterdam Canal Pride Parade is an advanced social activity that is costly too!

This project couldn’t come to life if participation of you, me and all people who cares for LGBTI Rights around the world, didn’t count.

Please donate to the campaign even an small amount to improve Iranian LGBTI presence in society.


Remining time

2017/08/05 12:00:00

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